NOTTINGHAM CT, Covent Garden
(2021 - ongoing)

Office reconfiguration and interior design in Covent Garden, London.

A handful of minimal interventions seek to radically transform the quality of the spaces and the image of the company.

The reception desk is thrown out in favour of a less formal, more welcoming and flexible space around a table, with everything tucked away in a new tall storage unit built into the wall. The unit hides a printer, coffee machine and everything else that’s useful but you don’t want to see in an office reception.

The main workspace in the lower ground is designed following principles developed from research into the wellbeing and productivity in offices based on desk orientation, amongst other factors -see below.

The 11 desks are in a row, facing each other and with full visual control over the entire space. there is an improved kitchenette and dining and socialising area under the front lightwell.

Differential perceptions of teamwork, focused work and perceived productivity as an effect of desk characteristics within a workplace layout
Kerstin Sailer et al, The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL (April 2021)

Stale Office Air Is Making You Less Productive
Joseph G. Allen, Harvard University (March 2017)